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Karan Soni on how Dopinder became Deadpool’s buddy driver


From being a random city cab driver to becoming Deadpool’s “friend”, Dopinder has come a long way and Indian-origin actor Karan Soni, who essays the role in the franchise, says he is happy with the growth of his character in “Deadpool 2”. It was his heart-to-heart conversation with Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With the Mouth in the first film that struck a chord with not only the audiences, but also the makers, who decided to give him a significant screen time in the sequel.

“The sequel takes place two years after the first film. My character, Dopinder, has now been fully hired by Deadpool as his getaway driver. He is working 100 per cent for Deadpool… I get to do a lot of different things in this film. The second one is more about Dopinder working with Deadpool and being like ‘I am ready for more stuff’. He is more into work and career stuff than love. But it’s really fun. The storyline where it goes, everyone will be surprised. I even get a catchphrase,” Karan said.

Even though the makers had signed Karan for four films, the actor was doubtful whether his character would feature in the sequel. Much to his surprise, Reynolds informed him about his return soon after the success of the 2016 movie. “When I signed up, it was for four movies because the writers and Ryan always had a plan that the character should be in more than one movie. When the first movie came out and did exceptionally well, they decided to make a sequel right away. I got an email from Ryan two years ago, saying ‘You’re going to be in sequel.’ So I was really excited, but I didn’t know what my story was and what I’ll be doing in it. I had a feeling that I might be doing the same thing but then I read the script. I was really surprised because he gave me like all the cool stuff to do,” Karan says.