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Karan Johar suggested I direct ‘My Birthday Song’, says Samir Soni


Samir Soni, who is making his debut as a director with “My Birthday Song”, says it was filmmaker Karan Johar who encouraged him to helm the film.

Asked if shifting gears from acting to direction is a natural progression, Samir said: “I have always had an interest in suspense thriller and dark, intellectually stimulating stories. I wrote one of them and my friends said that it is a good story. Being a realistic man, with the interest to know the opinion of industry people, I narrated the story to Karan (Johar) and at the end of the story, the first reaction that came from him was, ‘Samir, direct the film’. Though he mentioned that Dharma Productions cannot produce the film because it is a dark film, he encouraged me throughout.”

However, he found his producer and actor of the film when he went to one of his friends, filmmaker Sanjay Suri. Samir said, “Since Sanjay also said that I should direct the film, I asked him if he is interested to play the role in it. Surprisingly, he was not only ready to act in the film, but also to produce it. Our sensibility matches so well and it is a very exciting project.”