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Karan Johar shares picture of his doppelganger on Twitter


It is said that there are seven people with the same face in the world. Although it is very hard to find them, sometimes people are able to find their own lookalikes. Recently, Bollywood director-producer Karan Johar found out his doppelganger and shared his photo on his Twitter profile.

On Thursday, Karan took to Twitter and posted, “People says I do look like @karanjohar is it??,” the man had written in a reply to one of Karan’s tweets from the day. “Few tweets leave me speechless….this is one of them,” Karan wrote in his tweet as he retweeted his lookalike. Have a look at the tweet.

Usman Khan also describes himself as Karan Johar’s duplicate on Twitter. He also said that many people calls him lookalike of Karan Johar. He also shared some tweets of people who called him a doppelganger of Johar. Have a look at the tweet below.