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Kapil Sharma opens up about his fall from grace, his infamous plane flight and dealing with alcohol and depression


Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma’s recent behaviour has made him to be the bad boy of comedy, so at the trailer launch of his new movie “Firangi”, Kapil decided to open up to the people about what he was going through, denied the infamous and controversial fight with Sunil Grover.

Kapil confessed that he was facing a lot of pressure of the show that was happening in Australia, and a death of a fellow artist from Firangi added to his stress.

“Since I am from Punjab, when I am stressed, I tend to become aggressive. When you have such a big team to manage, such unfortunate incidents happen, then when you have to perform and even small set issues have to be addressed by me, then all that had get me hassled,” Kapil starts explaining.

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“Our shoot was getting delaying in Punjab because of heavy winters and fog. All these things, and a fight between Chandan Prabhakar and a crew members at the show in Australia, ignited more anger in me. I wanted to cancel the show because I just couldn’t take so much pressure. The show went very well and after this Chandan checked out from the hotel. I didn’t meet me for 5 days, I wanted to apologize to him as I didn’t hear his side of the story. One hour before we had to board the flight is when I saw him, and I lashed out at him. Even he gave me galis. Sunil was also there, even he was worried about me,” adds Kapil.

“Sunil and I know each other from the last nine years, and have worked together from the last five years. I don’t have any complaints for Sunil, but I would have told him what I was going through. If the roles were reversed I would have gone and talked to him about it,” says Kapil regretting his actions.

“I never read these news until 2 months went by, and then I went into depression. I had stopped drinking and controlling my diet to lose weight for the film. And then I started getting anxiety attack.  After I came back from my break cum treatment in Bangalore, I started drinking a lot. I don’t know why I did that, I guess I can’t handle a lot of things. I have hurt myself so much that now it will take me 3 months more to recuperate. I was very sad I didn’t want to talk to anyone or even tweet anything. I am so upset that I can’t seem to perform. Once this film was done my team came took me out of my office, where I had locked myself. I hated going out. I thought everyone hates me,” confesses Kapil.

He also revealed that due to so much stress and alcohol abuse he will be recovery mode for almost 3 months. The 36-year old actor refused to open up about how all this has impacted his relationship. But he did admit that he had kept his mother in the dark about all that he was going through this period.