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Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli slams Aditya Pancholi on Twitter and even called him ‘Failed Actor’


Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi fight is getting worst day by day and each day the new news is coming out, yesterday Aditya spoke how he helped Kangana to get movies in Bollywood and he also spoke that he paid for Kangana’s portfolio and now Kangana’s sister Rangoli has jumped in the war.

In a series of Tweets she has slammed Aditya and claimed that he never helped Kangana in getting roles and she even called Aditya a ‘failed star’, she further wrote that Aditya, who could not make his or his children’s career claims that he made Kangana a star.

“Kangana hs gven 5 audition fr Gangster bfore she gt the jb. She ws nt intrducd 2 Mukesh Bhatt by Pancholi bt Anurag Basu himself……And Anurag Basu had no contact with Pancholi or his family ..… He must use his contacts and give work to his jobless children, why doen’t he send them to Bhatt office ��…… Because he misbehaved with Mukesh Bhatt when he was working with them in his movie Saathi (1991)since then he is banned in Vishesh films… Yes he gt hr prtfolio done bt Kangana ws an Elite modl she hd hr prtfolio he pretnded 2 guide hr n forcd hr 2 gt new prtfolio whch he paid 4. N frm dere on startd dictatrship I hv paid fr ur folio food house( whch he insistd she stayd in) .… … So does that mean he can beat the living day light out of a kid younger than his daughter?”

Kangana earlier in a TV show slammed few actors and one of them is Aditya Pancholi, after that the war started.