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Kangana Ranaut’s man talk…


the actress says that more than Saif, Shahid, she is smitten with her Rangoon director Vishal Bhardwaj

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Kangana Ranaut appears to have had a swell time working with not one but two leading men in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon. Ask what the expreince was like working with Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor and she giggles that apart from being total eye-candies, they are very good actors. They’re terrific. Their combination with Vishal Sir was also terrific, she reveals.

Going into a bit of detail, she reads Saif as that classy man, who would open the door for you and pull chairs for you. Shahid, on other hand, would come to the sets with his headphones on. She dubs his charm the ‘boyish’ kind, even as she goes on to add that she loved spending time with both her leading men.…And who can forget possibly the most important central character when it comes to Rangoon – Vishal Bhardwaj! Ask Kangana how different is Vishal from the other filmmakers she has worked with and she avers that ‘Vishal sir’ is extremely passionate.

“There are not many directors you can brag about, when it comes to spectacle and visual appeal. He would go into the details of everything. He’s very courageous when it comes to vision. He would think of the unimaginable, like World War 2, its backdrop and these characters stranded in Burma, Rangoon and the story… It takes guts.”

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She is unmistakably impressed as she points out that all directors work with topics that are within their comfort zone. In the case of Vishal, though, the concept and the thinking are so amazing that it leaves one wanting to admire the person for conceiving the idea. Saif, Shahid, sorry you’ll have to settle for second place! –Cineblitz