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Kangana Ranaut wants women to speak out


In order to spread awareness on the rising crimes against women, actress Kangana Ranaut said that they need to be awakened, because it is the need of the hour. She said women should be encouraged to speak out “if they felt something” wrong is happening to them.

Stressing on the importance of empowering women, she said, “In India, a woman’s upbringing is different from her brother’s and that is the reason when something wrong happens with her, she thinks it is normal and doesn’t protest. Therefore, the most important thing these days is to awaken women.”

Sexual crimes against young girls and women are on a rise in India. The biggest problem lies with the length of the trials as sometimes courts take five to 10 years to reach a judgment. The ‘Queen’ actress gave out the clarion call while speaking at the ‘Xin Philanthropy Conference’.