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Kangana doesn’t believe in glorifying struggle


Actress Kangana Ranaut’s struggle to success in Bollywood is a story that most of us are aware of. So in a recent interview when the actress was asked to share some of her memories of her struggling phase, the ‘Queen’-fame actress said, “I don’t understand why people find someone’s struggle or past so exciting. Sometimes the media should let go of certain star snippets, however juicy and sensational they may be. So what if we are celebrities? At the end of the day, we are girls and if someone has struggled, then it’s not nice to rub it in our faces.”

With the question being politely dismissed, the actress was next asked about her reaction to the various link-up stories that we hear of and her idea of love… “My ideas about love and marriage keep changing all the time. I don’t feel too strongly about these things at the moment. Having said that, I know I am a public figure and link-ups are a part ’n’ parcel of this industry, so one has to learn to deal with them. But I am a very professional person and like to keep my relationship with all my co-stars on a professional level,” she said. Well, here’s a smart girl who knows her way!