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Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK threatens to commit suicide, twitteraties started trolling him


Self-proclaimed critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK has made headlines one more time and this time he has threatened to commit suicide. The actor has released a press release in which he has threatened to commit suicide.This particular press release has been put up on the official Twitter handle of KRK Box Office. It reads, “I request @TwitterIndia and staff Ms. Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr. Taranjeet Singhto restore my account within 15 days. 1st they did charge me millions of rupees and then suddenly suspended my account. So am depressed because they have cheated me. If they won’t restore my account, the I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death

From depressed KRK.”

Kamaal revealed the climax of Aamir’s new film “Secret Superstar” while reviewing it. Kamaal said that Twitter suspended his account because he gave negative reviews to the Advait Chandan directorial. There were reports stating that after Aamir’s complaint, KRK’s Twitter account was suspended

Earlier KRK said that he will take legal action against Twitter “I have spent four years and lots of money to build my six million followers account on Twitter. Therefore, I will definitely go to court against Twitter to ask them to reimburse me the money and time I have spent on my account so far,” read a statement by Kamaal on the official Twitter handle of KRK Box Office, where he shares news and reviews about films.

“I want to inform all the media that I won’t try to open any new account on Twitter if they have suspended by account just because Aamir Khan doesn’t want me on Twitter. It means Aamir Khan is the real owner of Twitter,” Kamaal said.

“I haven’t abused anyone nor threatened anyone so Twitter deesn’t have the right to suspend my account with six million followers. They have suspended my account without a single warning, meaning Twitter wants only Aamir Khan to use it.

“I am not angry with Aamir Khan at all because it’s his right to ask Twitter to suspend my account if I was saying that his film will be a flop. But Twitter suspended my account just because Aamir Khan wants and that’s a big surprise fo” me,” he added.