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Kalki Koechlin believes in eco-friendly fashion


Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin says adapting environmentally conscious fashion can make the world a better place. “I grew up in an environment which is sustainable and eco-friendly in Auroville. I grew up with basic ethic of buying products which are sustainable,” Kalki said.

“A lot of clothes which I wear are organic. Fashion is a big way through which we can change the environment… (We can change the world) by being environmentally conscious in our fashion statements and all our products,” she added. “If we start buying more organic products even for the household which are less harmful, it makes a huge difference,” the actress further said.

Kalki, who has featured in “Dev.D”, “Shaitan”, “Shanghai” and “Margarita with a Straw”, says families are like “mini countries with mini politics”. “If you cannot figure out stuff in your family, don’t expect figuring out stuff in your country and the rest of the world,” she said.