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Kajol has been Ajay Devgn’s strength


With the many marriages falling apart in this industry, there has been one that has stuck through the thick and thin, we are talking about Ajay Devgn and Kajol. When they got married people kept waiting for them to fall apart because clearly they were too different from each other. Their conduct, their ways, their kind of films everything from different.

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While their marriage to be a case-study in itself, because everything that normally goes wrong between a man and woman they have lived through and combated. “Initially Kajol was the more popular actor, and yet, it was only little time and everything was smooth sailing. Despite her taking a hiatus, despite some humours, they have always managed to sail through all the problems that many other couples cannot,” quipped our analyst.

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“It is a fact that Kajol is my strength, she is someone who doesn’t actively say or do anything in front of the media but then that’s the essence of our marriage, it is real. Be it personally or professionally she has been an anchor. It is nothing that I speak about but it is a fact,” exclaimed the man of few words Ajay himself.