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‘Kajarya’ trailer to be launched in Delhi on Monday



New Delhi: The trailer of Madhureeta Anand’s documentary drama “Kajarya”, which focuses on the subject of female foeticide, will be launched at Jantar Mantar here on Monday. The trailer launch will be attended by feminist-activist Kamla Basin. The makers of the film have even organised a candle light march as a way to shed light on the position of girls in society. The candle march will be followed by the trailer launch. Anand shares that getting permission to launch the trailer at Jantar Mantar was not easy.

“When I initially put forward the idea of launching the trailer at Jantar Mantar – the idea met with a lot of resistance. I was told that this is not how trailers are launched. But then I spoke to Kamla Basin and she said she would support me,” Anand said in a statement. The director hopes to raise awareness about the rising number of missing girl cases with the candle march.

“We’re lighting candles for the unborn girls of India. If we really lit as many candles as the girls who have gone missing the country would be on fire…And we hope that this Diwali everyone in the nation will light a candle for those girls,” she added. The film stars Ridhima Sud as a journalist who is investigating the gruesome activities going on in a village.