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Kaalakaandi trailer is out: Never seen avatar of Saif Ali Khan


The trailer of Kaalakaandi starring Saif Ali Khan is out and it has comedy,sex and never listened punch lines. You will be surprised to see Saif Ali Khan in never seen avatar. Saif has stomach cancer so he decide to live up and tries things he never did in his entire life. Apart from Khan, there is Vijay Raaz and his understated brilliance. Raaz’s dialogues remind you of his Delhi Belly stint, in a good way.

Kaalakaandi is directed by Akshat Verma, who has previously helmed films such as Delhi Belly and Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. The film is being produced by Cinestaan Film Company. Setting aside rumours of the film releasing on Netflix instead of theatres, Kaalakaandi is all set for release on 12 January.

The makers released a funky teaser poster of the film earlier which showed Saif in silhouette against a bright pink background, his hair tied in multiple ponytails with fluorescent rubber-bands. The silhouette looms over a brightly lit skyline of Mumbai much like a bird of prey. Saif – clearly in his element – seems to hold a crazy crew together under his wings against the background of what looks like a cross between The Queen’s Necklace and Worli Sea Face.