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Journey from bhenji to babe! 


tapsee pannu

Here are some actresses who went through astonishing transformations

You cannot tell they are the same… These actresses have not only managed to change their game, they did it with their heads held high and back straining against anyone who thought they couldn’t. The shocking transformation of these beautiful Bollywood actresses is just another thing to praise Indian cinema industry. Read on… the most shocking transformations of actresses from Bollywood.

Taapsee Pannu: She made her Bollywood debut with Chasme Baddoor. She might not have come across as the most stunning beauties who debuted in Bollywood, what with her thick eyebrows and such, but looks like the girl has taken and about turn and reinvented herself like no other.

“I was always the tom boy, when I was growing up. Even when I started modeling and acting, I never really thought that I was getting into the glamour world and I should change drastically. But given ours is a visual medium, I have only just started taking a little interest in how I have dressed. That alone has made all the difference.”

Radhika Apte: Radhika Apte might have started off playing small characters in intellectual cinema but she has effectively turned the table. She was never considered the most beautiful face in Bollywood. What more, her producer Ekta Kapoor herself felt that Apte didn’t have much mettle to be cast in lead roles, today the lady has been gracing the biggest magazine covers, a testimony for a face that sells. Today a well-known celebrity in Bollywood, Radhika Apte has become the hottest thing in town.

radhika apte

“I have never been someone who thought much about the way I am looking, of course it is fun to dress up and look pretty but as a professional I am far more interested in playing a part, in the course of my career if I am considered hot, well, I will say thank you very much!” Hot and how!

Radhika Apte’s transformation has been more glaring because none of us knew what to expect out of her. She carries off everything so well, that one forgets she is not the long-limbed person she appears to be perfectly keeping her style minimal, soft and feminine

Richa Chadha: She is really not the favourite of fashion police and it is a fact that her initial days were unsightly but those days are a thing of the past. Someone has undergone tremendous change.richa chadha

She looks pretty, and she knows it. “It is funny, but it is the minute I stopped listening to what others have to say about me, what they think about me did I actually came into my own style. Today I wear what I am comfortable wearing and what more, people applaud my style!”

Parineeti Chopra: Another name that has really shown the world what it means to not take no for an answer is Parineeti Chopra. She was for a long time known has Priyanka’s cousin sister and frankly, not matter how hard she tried – she was Priyanka’s chubby sister who did a fab job but would never be where Priyanka has reached.

c Parineeti1

However, looks like Parineeti has had enough of people telling her that she isn’t good enough. Look at the way she is looking these days and you will know that there is not on ounce of chubby in her any more.

Sonakshi Sinha: She took some time to embrace her natural beauty.

sonakshi sinha Earlier she was either too flashy or totally plain Jane. Sonakshi has learnt to welcome new trends. Most of her looks are gorgeous, and her confident smile is the most charming thing ever.