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John impressed with Sonakshi’s action in FORCE2


john abraham

The mighty hulk of Bollywood seems to be impressed by his co-star for performing challenging stunts for FORCE 2. Talking about the asliSona, Sonakshi Sinha, he said, “Sonakshi is very sweet, she’s a fantastic co-star, one of my best co-stars and the work that she has done in ‘Force 2′, I really like action and especially the action that she has done, this girl absolutely has got no fear.”

Telling everyone an interesting anecdote from the sets of FORCE 2, John said, “We had to make a jump, I asked Sonakshi if she was sure, and she said, ‘I am sure I will jump’, so from second floor and third floor she jumped. I am very proud of her. Watch ‘Force 2′, our director is very special, AbhinayDeo, who made ‘Delhi Belly’. It is a very fantastic film, it will be completed in July, and we have still got about 50 percent of the shoot left,” said “Rocky Handsome” actor John. Sonakshi was also present at the screening and said that she is excited about the film