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Jane Fonda never thought she would live past 30


Veteran actor Jane Fonda says she did not see herself living over the age of 30 and is amazed she is still going strong and leading a healthy life in her 80th year. The former fitness guru, who turned 80 on December 21, said she assumed she would die from an addiction “of some sort” much earlier in her life, reported People magazine.

“I never pictured 30. I assumed I wouldn’t live very long and that I would die lonely and an addict of some sort. I didn’t think if I did live this long, that I would be vibrant and healthy and still working. I’m grateful,” Fonda said.

She said over the past eight decades she has learned to be “less judgemental” and focus on being a “better” person. “I’m thankful that I’ve gotten better over the 80 years. I’m less judgemental. I’m forgiving. It wasn’t always true. I’ve really worked hard to get better as a human being.”