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James Cameron wanted Bill Paxton on board for ‘Avatar’ sequels


Director James Cameron has said that he wanted to cast late actor Bill Paxton in the sequels to his blockbuster film “Avatar”. Paxton passed away from the complications of a surgery earlier this year. He had collaborated with Cameron on projects like “True Lies” and “Titanic”.

When asked about why Paxton did not feature in “Avatar”, Cameron told Entertainment Weekly, “I don’t remember what happened there. I don’t think there was a part that fit him well. Otherwise, I would have loved to have him involved. And, of course, recently, I was staring down the barrel of four more Avatar films and I was thinking of a good place, a good fit for Bill.”

“Then, of course, he died unexpectedly before I made a presentation to him. That denied us that next chance to work together. I would have loved to have continued working with Bill and I’m sure he felt the same way,” he added.