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Jacqueline Fernandez’s Date night with Jackie 



She’s supposedly hit it off rather well with Arjun Kapoor – it helps that she is also BFFs with Arjun’s cousin Sonam Kapoor – but Jacqueline Fernandez reveals that she does not have a specific checklist when it comes to finding that someone special.

Experience has taught her that having a list of rules for oneself is a recipe for disaster as real life never quite pans out the way you plan. Reason being the deliciously unpredictable nature of love! It is not so much about expectations as the chemistry which crackles between two people. Minus that all-important chemistry, which generally hits one at first meeting or not at all, all the qualities in the world would be useless, she opines.

Of course she does have a few don’ts inbuilt in her – lack of hygiene coming in at No.1 on her list. Being clean, groomed and nice-smelling is a basic requisite in a man, she shares, as are good table manners. Other things that matter to her are that her man treat people, especially elders, with respect. He must also be bitten by the travel bug – else it would never work for the travel-hungry Jackie.

A girl who loves to be pampered, Jacqueline loves a guy to go out of his way to woo her creatively… A man who puts thought and effort into planning a dinner out, cooking a meal or surprising her with flowers or a gift that holds special significance. In Jackie’s opinion, a gift needn’t cost the earth – something thoughtful go a long way in winning and keeping a woman’s heart.

If it’s her turn to make her man feel special, she would plum for a home-cooked meal, whipping up keema-pulao and salads herself, which she would serve with a cheese platter and wine. Voila! Simple and very effective, too.

You don’t say ‘date night’ without pondering over that all-important question: what to wear?! Jackie likes to opt for something that combines comfort with a touch of prettiness and girlishness. A silky blouse with a long bohemian skirt is her outfit of choice, teamed with heels if they’re partying out but with bedroom slippers if they’re staying home!