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It’s times for shorts, says Akshay Oberoi


akshay oberoi

Laal Rang actor, Akshay Oberoi speaks to Shubarna Mukerji Shu about his short film ‘The Virgins’.

Tell us about the film

The Virgins is a short film, directed by Sandeep A Varma who is the past have made Manjunath, which was a great film. The Virgin deals with the topic of Pre-Marital sex which for some reason the county see as taboo or in correct, and sub consciously this thing is put in our minds. I know so many people who believe in this and before marriage they ask the guy and the girl if they are virgin.

Tell us about your role in the film

I play the role of an artist, I am a painter and an obsessive lover, he is sensitive, he is mischievous. He is a lot like me. Also he is romantic. His thought on Pre marital sex and virginity are very different.

You and Pia play a couple, post Laal Rang. So were you comfortable doing all the love making scenes with Pia?

Yes, Pia and I share a very good bond. Laal Rang was a very difficult film to make and we bonded a lot during that film. We were together for some 60 days and we trust each other a lot now. It’s easier to do such scenes when you trust each other as we both know that we are in it for the job and we are trying to do the best scene possible and we are not taking each other’s advantage. So yes we were comfortable.

What is your take on Virginity

It is upto me and the person who is engaged in the act are the only two people who really matter. I don’t understand why pre-marital sex is such a consent as such and I am not trying to hurt any religious sentiments but there are some religions that say Pre-marital sex is wrong, so if you are religious or spiritual I can understand but most of us are not following what is written in religion so for me it was never really a question.

No matter what we think, there are still so many people who think that it’s important to be a virgin before marriage. What is your take on it?

What works for you works for you, but I wish we were in different place, I wish our thoughts were different and we were a bit more open minded, then may be things that are happening in this country won’t be happening. Increasingly the world is going ahead and we need to keep up with the changing times. Evolution is the part of humanity and we need to change. I mean we don’t become a bad person because we have sex before marriage.