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It’s the time to disco!


Music Mughal, Simon Fuller, takes on Bollywood

What is the most appealing thing about Indian music according to you?

I love the emotion and passion in Indian music. I also appreciate the melodic complexity, it is unique and inspiring and there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world.

Indian talents, whether it is the commoners here or Bollywood, are experimenting with new topics these days and Indian talent like Priyanka Chopra and Irrfan Khan entering the foreign space. Being someone who has given “Spice Girls” and “Pop Idol” to the world, what do you think about this Journey of India? Do people in the West still know Bollywood as ‘masala film land’ with over the top dancing and celebration or do they know more about it?

I celebrate any Indian talent venturing out to the world, a great number of them have succeeded and I hope that Now United will inspire many more to attempt this. There is still a mystique about Bollywood to the rest of the world. I don’t think many people really understand it. I would love to do a show called Hollywood to Bollywood. Where a group of entertainers swap places to make a musical in each other’s country. A true creative swap, that would be quite a show!!!

What all you know about Bollywood? Any plans to collaborate with a Bollywood star for your future projects?

I am always open to the idea of working with exceptional talent, wherever they might come from. I am fascinated by Bollywood!

Plans of collaborating with Indian television for a show anytime soon?

I have been contemplating bringing David Beckham to India to maybe film something. I have been telling him what a remarkable country it is.

Indian music is divided in various genres such as sufi, ghazals, Bollywood music, classical. Anything you are fond of in particular?

I love all types of Indian music, but am not expert enough yet to identify each different genre.

There is an upward surge of musical acts by foreign artists in India. What do you think of the scope of international music in India?

India is a very important country in the world, with such a huge and active population, it is no surprise to me that foreign artists are wanting to explore opportunity there.

It is a time when many youngsters are looking for shortcuts to success specially when it comes to music world, or easier methods. So, what do you think about the trend, and what advice would you like to give young music enthusiasts?

My advice is, there is no short cut to becoming an exceptional talent and while there may be a short cut to becoming famous and seen by millions of people through film, TV or the internet, only the exceptionally talented artists stand the test of time or make history. I am only interested in the extraordinary. Work hard, be committed and passionate and aspire only for greatness.