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It’s all about comfort for Randeep Hooda


He is hotness personified, the alpha male who is everyone’s favourite. There is not a single person who hasn’t enjoyed seeing Randeep Hooda onscreen. And yet, there is one thing very blatant about him, and that’s his insouciance. He is not here to impress anyone, he is just here to do his own work and he sure knows to do a good job outta it.

For someone who is so effortlessly sexy, we were obviously suspicious of the effortlessness, perhaps if we ask him about his style and fashion sense, it would be interesting to know some of the secrets he could spill. So we decided to grill the guy himself. After all, we won’t believe in anything that doesn’t come from the horse’s mouth.

“For me it is most important that I am comfortable in what I am wearing. If I am uncomfortable, one I will not wear it outside ever, if I am forced to, it will show. I don’t know how the ladies of the fraternity do it, really, they are so often ensconced in clothes that don’t even allow room to breathe. I don’t blame them, they are wearing it cause it is an extension of the demands of the profession.

Of course, there are demands on the male actors too, but I am sure it is reasonable to ask for something that is good but also comfortable,” he smiled and we were too floored to remember anything else, but his comfort. –Cineblitz