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“It is tough to get a chance for an outsider”: Rahul Bagga


Actor Rahul Bagga speaks to Shubarna Mukerji Shu about his upcoming film Tera Mera Tedha Medha… 

Tell me about your character?

The name of my character is Rajan Jha, who is an inspiring painter. Rajan comes to Delhi from Bihar to pursue his higher studies. ​My character Rajan has this deadly combination of Shani – Mangal in his astrological chart due to which his paintings end up being female nudes even if it’s his girlfriend Kamini’s. It is an very interesting role and a very funny one too.

What made you to say yes to this movie?

I know the director of Tera Mera Tedha Medha Mr. Chittaranjan Tripathy from my theatre days in Delhi. One day he approached me and told me that he is making his directorial debut film in which he wants me to play the lead role. I was very happy and I immediately said yes to him, that’s how it all started.

What are your expectations from Tera Mera Tedha Medha?

Honestly, I do not have any expectations as I am an actor and my job is to act. What happens at the box office is not in my control. Also it is not right to say anything currently because as an actor it is not in my hand. If the audience like it, I would be glad but if the audience did not like it, I will work much harder in my future projects. Although I think, one Friday cannot decide the fate of an actor.

Why you choose off leads role?

As of now it’s too soon to comment anything on it. Right now I am not in a position to choose the films I want to work on, right now it’s the director’s call.  The day I reach that position where I can call the game, then you can come to me, drag my collar and ask me why you choose the said film. Sometimes it becomes necessary to do certain kind of work for the survival in the city of dreams Mumbai.

Your last film Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho got mixed response so, according to you what went wrong and how was it after that?

It is very important how you promote a film and project yourself. That’s how people believe and see things. Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho was a small budget film, which we couldn’t promote much, also there were no big names attached to Tanakpur unlike Masaan which was also the low budget film, but it was associated with big names like Neeraj Ghaywan and Phantom films. If we also had some big names attached to our film then the fate of the film must have been different.

We have seen you only in comic roles so in future are you planning to do experiment with different kind of roles?

I feel comedy is a toughest art and it is not easy to make people laugh. I want to master the art of comedy.  It not that i don’t like experimenting, I also want to venture into the zone of thriller, action, romance and so on but I guess right now I am too new in the industry to demand the kind of role I want to play. As an actor I surely want to experiment with all kinds of roles. Besides acting I also want to learn movie production, direction, art work and so on…  as there is no limit to creativity.

According to you, how difficult it is for newcomers to survive in Bollywood?

It depends who the new comer is. If the new comer is someone like me who is an outsider then getting that one chance becomes very difficult. It was a whole new jouney for me to enter Bollywood and make a name for himself. I had no god father in the industry and hence I had to struggle a lot to be where I am today. If I had a big name attached to me then I guess my journey would be a bit simpler.

You always wanted to be an actor?

Actually no, It just happened to me by luck. Circumstances led me to the theatre and then I felt this is a platform where I can express myself in a better way. I was a very shy person and theatre helped me to grow, so I took up acting.

What’s your next project?

I have completed 3 films. Ishq Malang is 1 of them which is releasing next year; but I cannot name the other two films because of contract issues. Ishq Malang is a romantic, simple, thriller movie, which was shot in Gujarat, Mumbai and Banaras.  Luckily, when I had no work I got the opportunity to work with Anurag Basu on his show “stories by Rabindranath Tagore” which comes on EPIC Channel.

Is there a wish list of directors you want to work with?

Yes, of course I want to work with all the big directors and big banners of Bollywood. And I am aware of the fact that I have to work really hard to reach that level. When I choose this I knew this is not going to be a smooth sail. I am eagerly waiting for the day to come when they all become my fan and I can choose my directors.