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It is nice to be liked: Rahul Khanna


If Vinod Khanna was the sexiest thing that happened to Bollywood in 70s, his son Rahul Khanna is clearly hot property even today. Despite the fact that he hasn’t had many releases that really stick to our heart, he has been the most endearing person on social media. While he was trending last month, today the media is asking him only one question – how does it feel to be touted as the sexiest guy in Bollywood.

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“Rahul Khanna has never been someone who takes his looks too seriously, I guess that’s a part of his appeal, there is so much to him, that he doesn’t let it show,” quipped the friends of the actor.

However, when you ask Rahul Khanna if he finds himself lucky to be one of the most loved actors despite his film career not shaping up as one would have imagined, he smiles saying he might be grateful for his genes, but he sure doesn’t want to pride himself over it.

“It is nice to be liked, some of the comments I hear, it is rather hilarious, but the bottom line being they are all meant to be compliments and that’s exactly the way I see it,” said the man with the most lethal smile.