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ISIS: Enemies of Humanity- Review, Cast, Story, Director


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Film: ISIS: Enemies of Humanity

Cast: Rahul Dev, Rasheed Naaz, Yuvraj Kumar, Manon Faure, Harish Bhimani

Director: Yuvraj Kumar

Rating: * ½

The director of this film claims to have done extensive research on the dreaded terrorist organisation ISIS and it’s in research mode that he compiles this piece of extensive training video masquerading as cinema.

This so-called feature based on terrorism’s hidden face is a voluminous preamble that has no cause. Yuvraj Kumar could well have made a documentary or a mockumentary instead of taking the feature film route. He doesn’t have any semblance of story to tell and the flimsy idea he begins the film with is totally devoid of smarts.

A bunch of recruits are being indoctrinated and trained in a cavernous mountain region, at an ISIS camp in the cross-border region of India and Afghanistan. So, you have Pakistani great, Rasheed Naaz enacting the ISIS commander role, lending terribly boring sermon after sermon on Islam and the fruits of going to ‘jannat’, to the fresh recruits who appear totally flustered and out of sorts. Rahul Dev essays the role of second lieutenant who is entrusted with training the raw recruits.

In fact, much of the narrative concentrates around the indoctrination and brutal methods of training.

And it’s only towards the end that a flaky plot thread gets exposed. The Sufi opposition to the rabid version of Islam is also undefined. At the end, you wonder why the director wanted to torture you with a never-ending insipid training video that any mercenary army boot camp would find silly and inept. There’s little point to this film other than to en-cash on the so-called research effort- unfortunately, it’s without any imagination, drama or cinematic smarts.