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‘Ishq Tera’ actor Mohit Madaan: Anything that is challenging, and I don’t relate to excites me


Mumbai: Actor Mohit Madaan is gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Ishq Tera’ in a lead role opposite to Hrishita Bhatt. Mohit Madaan talks with Free Press Journal about his character, challenging role, and early life and education.

Talking about his role in ‘Ishq Tera’, Mohit Madaan said, “I play the main character of a husband coming to terms with dealing with a wife who has a split personality. It is about his unconditional, forever kind of love and his trials and tribulations as he fights to seek acceptance.

“Anything that is challenging, and I don’t relate to excites me. Bachchan Singh in ‘Aksar 2’ was challenging as I do not relate to him at all in real life,” he said.

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Any film in line up? He said, “I have other films lined up ahead. There is ‘Ishq Tera’ which will release soon. Then there is a comedy film with a twist of it becoming a romantic thriller post interval. I would love to do more comic films ahead and action films. They are difficult to perform but they keep the audience entertained.”

When asked about early life and education to Madaan, he said was very interesting I have take a round up all over the world, I was born in Delhi on 7 January, 1988. At the age of 3 moved to UAE with his family. In 2001, Mohit migrated with his family to Auckland, New Zealand where he completed his high school education at Macleans College till Year 13.”

He added, “He started building his interest towards Drama while taking part in school plays and theatre groups. Mohit got his Bachelors Degree in Business and Information Management (BBIM) from the University of Auckland. Upon his graduation his family migrated back to Dubai and Mohit began his career working as an External Auditor at a reputed Accounting firm.”

“While working he also signed up for Film Making and Acting courses at the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi as a passion and learnt a great deal. He would work at the office during the day and attend classes at the academy in the evenings. He then moved to Mumbai, and continues to reside there while working in the Hindi film industry,” he said.

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