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Irrfan’s statement on ‘Qurbaani’ evokes crtisicm from clerics


Irfaan Khan

Bollywood actor Irrfan’s statement questioning killing of animals in the name of “Qurbaani” has invited sharp reactions from Muslim clerics, who have asked the actor to focus on his work instead of making his own interpretation of religious customs.

During the promotion of his upcoming film “Madaari” in the city recently, the actor has questioned that how one can get “Punya” by killing an innocent animal in the name of “Kurbaani”. “Irrfan is an actor and he should focus on his work only. He has no religious knowledge and he should have contacted or get some knowledge from any cleric before raising any question regarding Kurbaani or Ramzan,” Khalid Usmai, city qazi, told PTI.

He said Islam has no vague things and Irrfan should improve his knowledge. Another scholar Maulana Abdul Wahid Khatri, state secretary of Jamaat-e-Ulema-e-Hind, also said he should concentrate on his career instead of speaking about the religion.

Irrfan Khan had said, “People should understand the real meaning behind a particular ritual. Animals used to be the prime source of food when the ritual would have started and people sacrificed their food. Today, one buy two goats from market and kill them in the name of sacrifice then how come it becomes a real sacrifice? “I feel proud that I live in a country which is not run by any religious rules,” he had said.