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Irrfan Khan’s real love is Bollywood not Hollywood


Irrfan Khan

Actor Irrfan Khan who will be sharing screen space with Tom Hanks in his next movie Inferrno  has been winning hearts all over the world with his incredible Talent.  For an actor to go international is an honor and an achievement which is earned after a lot of hard work  and struggle put together but actor Irrfan Khan has again proved to be a little different from the rest and has managed to strike a perfect balance between Hollywood and Bollywood.

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However, the actor believes that his heart actually belongs to Bollywood. When Asked Irrfan said “My people are here (India) and so are my stories. Today, small and unconventional films are redefining cinema in India and I’m happy to be part of this brave and new world. Hollywood is just a bonus. I keep getting interesting offers.

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If I was younger, I might have thought of relocating to a different country but I never really felt like leaving India.”