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International Workers’ Day: Here’s what TV stars plan to do


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1st May is International workers day. TV actors who work in daily soaps will get an off for a change. We checked with the mas how they will pamper themselves!

Aniruddh Dave
I am going to watch play (theatre) that’s my passion. Theatre fest is getting started and after pack up, you may find me there every day for a  night show.
Arjun Bijlani
I will spend half a day in the spa and remaining half with wife Neha and  son Ayaan. I intend to go for shopping, eat scumptious food and then watch a good movie.
Karan Wahi
I am not working on a daily soap I don’t have to have to work on 1st May. I just feel it should be a holiday for the labor class and all the people who work way more than we actors do to make us all look good. We still have the fortune of great rooms, AC vans, a bed to take rest and people to take care of but for people who work to make us look better, I think we owe them and their families this.
Dalljiet Kaur
As a daily soap actor every single holiday matters. Thankfully I m on a break so, I have an extended holiday these days. But while shooting we actors wait for one declared holiday and there is a sense of celebration amongst the entire unit to finally get to spend the whole day with family.
Sara Arfeen Khan
I do enjoy my me time. My escape on 1st May would be the Marriott pool and spa. I truly enjoy the hot stone massages, I find them to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing. And I would end my pamper day with some salad and tea at the BBC cafe.
Ankit Gera
I want to go somewhere out of Mumbai. I want to spend time in natural surroundings, breathe deeply, let go of my worries and relax.
Ramman Handa
1st May is International workers day. As it’s an off for everyone so I  will go for spa and swimming. I just want to switch off my phones and want to relax and spend time with my dog Son.
Ssharad Malhotraa
Sleep is the first word that comes to my mind when I get an off and post that maybe go and get myself pampered at the spa then indulge in some lip-smacking food at my favorite restaurant and finally end the day watching a nice film.
Vahbiz Dorabjee
Well TV is very very tedious life and I think tv actors should be respected the most. I feel tv actors should get an off every week. It’s a very hard medium. At the moment my show is off air so I’m already pampering myself and holidaying in London because once I am back to tv, my commitment is totally with my producers.
Shardul Pandit
My parents are here in Mumbai to visit me. Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to spend with them due to shooting so am gonna take them out for shopping followed by a nice dinner and Bahubali.