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Interesting things you need to know about Rajnikanth ‘Kabali’


kabali posterRajini Kabali Movie New Posters

Rajnikanth is back with a bang and style! He play’s a role of Don in the film. He once again proves that ‘Kabali’ that there is enough power in him to burn out all movies. ‘Kabali’ trailer has got more than 26 millions views on Youtube.

The buzz around the movie ‘Kabali’ has reached such a crescendo, that almost everyone and anyone are talking about the movie. In fact, private companies including start-ups have declared a holiday on July 22, letting all Rajnikanth fans to watch the movie. According to reports, some offices have also sponsored tickets for the superstars’ movie.

Here are 10 interesting facts you need to know about ‘Kabali’.

1. Rajnikanth “Kabali” is slated to hit the screens worldwide on July 22. This is the third Indian film after ‘PK’ and ‘Baahubali’ to be released in more than 5,000 theaters worldwide, with special premieres planned for a day earlier.

2. Make hay while Rajinikanth shines! This seems to be the mantra for theatre owners who are making a killing by selling “Kabali” tickets at exorbitant prices – much to the disappointment of hardcore superstar fans.

3. Superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming Tamil gangster drama “Kabali”, first movie will be dubbed and released in Malay language. Malay is an Austronesian language mostly spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. It will also be released in Telugu, Hindi and Japanese and will get a Chinese release in a couple of months.

4. AirAsia India, the official airline partner of superstar Rajinikanth’s Tamil actioner “Kabali” and which has a special aircraft bearing the images of the star, spent over a month in designing the livery.

air asia kabali aircraft

air asia kabali aircraft

5. He will sport a salt and pepper look along with thick white beard for his role as a gangster in upcoming Tamil drama “Kabali”, which happens to be his 159th film.

6. The Madras High Court granted an interim injunction restraining all Internet Service Providers from illegal downloading of superstar Rajnikanth’s upcoming film “Kabali”. Justice N Kirubakaran granted the interim injunction on a plea by the film’s producer S Thanu to prevent illegal downloading of the movie through about 180 websites and “countless unknown sites”.

7. The petition claims more than 70 percent of total revenue generated online was garnered by illegal downloads of films, music and pornography. Only 30% was paid for by people using for legal purposes on legal means


8. The movie, which will have Rajinikanth play the title role of ‘Kabali’ alongside Radhika Apte as his wife Kumudhavalli, Dhansikaa is all set to play a prostitute in an upcoming yet-untitled Tamil short film “Kabali”.

9. Kabali will be director Pa. Ranjith’s third outing after his critically acclaimed and commercially successful Attakathi and Madras. Ranjith, who has retained his Madras crew, has set his standards and there is nothing short of a soaring expectation.

10. Along with all the Rajni-fans, Akshay Kumar too is super excited for his ‘2.O’ co-star Rajnikanth’s upcoming flick ‘Kabali’ and wished to be in Chennai on the release day.