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Inside Pictures of Saurabh Pandey and Zara Soni grand wedding reception in Delhi


Actor Saurabh Pandey recently tied the knot to his lady love Zara Soni Barring in Mumbai. His world has completely changed after tying the knot and his excitement he can’t explain in words.

“I feel on top of this world with Zara. I feel one of my life’s purpose is achieved by marrying my soul mate. Marriages are made in heaven. We feel this because this is something which is not in our hands. It’s only by God’s will that a couple gets married and enjoys a blissful life. But our actions are always in our hands,” says Saurabh.

Getting married is not just about celebrations, it comes with a lot of responsibility, the actor feels.

“Marriage is a bond of purity and it’s in our hands to keep it pure. We realised that now after getting married we need to be more responsible and we are now even a bigger family since two big families turn into one,” says the actor, who tied the knot on November 28.

Saurabh and Zara had a grand wedding reception in Delhi on December. Although he wasn’t in favour of big celebrations in his hometown, he is nonetheless happy about it.

” I am not very fond of grand weddings but I allowed it because of Mom. So Delhi reception was a blessing and it turned into super grand with a turn up of over 2000 relatives and friends. Winters are awesome because the feeling of cold and parties just amazing and best part is we don’t sweat. People don’t get tired as we all do due to heat,” says the actor.

Sharing the details of what went inside the celebrations. He says, ” I wore many things. First Zara’s clothing was sorted because as we say ‘Ladies first’! Then I matched my outfits with her clothes. I wore a tuxedo and a she wore a ball gown at the engagement. At Mehendii we wore Indian and on the wedding, we were dressed like maha raja and rani.”

The couple also had their first dance on a romantic track. “Zara and I mainly danced on Zalima from the film Raees. But later all my friends and family danced on the various song. Gurmeet (Choudhary) and Debbina (Bonnerjee) and my family members had some awesome performances too,” says the actor. Bharti Achrekar specially went to attend his reception in U.P.