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Indore city girl set to dazzle silver screen with Akshay Kumar in ‘PadMan’


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Indore: Fame often brings glitters in people’s life surprisingly changing perception and passion in an instant. Having bagged the role of Akshay Kumar’s sister in Bollywood movie ‘PadMan’, 19-year-old Parul Chouhan has a new dream of touching heights in film industry.

Talking about her life before the break, Parul said “I come from a Rajput family blessed with supportive father and creative mother.” Growing up as an average student, she felt inclined towards dance. “My mother is a lovely dancer and she taught me my first dance ‘Ghoomar’, which led to further education in dance,” Parul said. Joining Kathak classes in teenage years, she completed seven-year diploma in the art.

“Dance has always been my passion and support, but to be able to gift me that support, my parents had to handle opposition from our faraway relatives during every function. Taking up dancing with hope of making livelihood from it is not supported by Rajput community,” Parul said, adding that “I never had to handle it because my dad has always countered negative comments and pestering questions.”

She spent most of her time dancing since childhood. “I remember how much I enjoyed dancing with my mother, I guess I got her skill in my genes,” Parul said.  While managing studies with average marks, she did not face any problem regarding opposition from school. “After completing my schooling, I took my passion ahead and joined New GDC college to do my bachelor in Kathak,” Parul said. She was passionate about dancing and determined to make her career in the same field.

“My father wanted me to try acting so he sent me to an acting academy,” Parul said. Initially, she was not sure but counsellors and her dad convinced her eventually.

“After completing six-month course, I got the audition as the movie was being shot in Maheshwar. And I bagged the role,” Parul said.
After bagging the dream assignment to act with an actor like Ahskay Kumar, she experienced enough glamour and fame.

“Now, I want to become an actor because dancing is okay, but acting has many more opportunities and scope for a successful future,” Parul said. She explained that her acting career will not have obstacles from her family as her great grandfather Lal Singh Chouhan too had played role in some movies like Aan.

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