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Independence Day 2018: Controversy queens of India demand freedom from trolls


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The popular actresses like Sara Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Mahika Sharma and Sofia Hayat demands freedom from trolls on social media this Independence Day. Actress Sara Khan, former Miss Bhopal is being trolled again and again for wearing a Bikini and posting on social media.

The actress broke silent and said, “Why should I live my life for others. I’m living a life on my principles. I’m well educated and understand whats wrong or right for me. Trollers need to get a life. The time has actually come when we need freedom from all negativity. I just look ahead to welcome well wishes and positivity from my fans.”

Self-claim daughter of Media and controversial actress, dancer Rakhi Sawant who has made her own world on Instagram enjoys posting funny stuff and share happiness with her followers. But at times people troll her, she says she doesn’t care. “I live in an independent nation. I enjoy my life my way. I do whatever I enjoy. And my fans and friends enjoy with me. I don’t fake around. The troller cant makes me a puppet and makes me dance on their wish. I just don’t care whatever they write against me. Because at the end of the day people knows who Rakhi Sawant is.”

When it comes to Actress, Model and Nun Sofia Hayat, who has always enjoy limelight with every move say I enjoy giving it back to trolls at the time. As they need to learn a lesson. “I’m really happy. I’m working hard and earning for myself. Many Hollywood stars come to me and worship me. They find a God inside me. They are overwhelmed with my supernatural powers. The Hollywood stars are coming here for healing. I have been the majority of times trolled or asked for my sexual charges most of the time only by Indians. I don’t literally enjoy that. They need to learn and show respect hence I give them back a lesson.”

Actress Mahika Sharma, former Miss Teen Northeast who is very much in giving bold and controversial statement says trollers are some uneducated people of society. They are the same ‘aunties’ who use to gossip behind when social media did not exist. “Trolls have always tried to become my unpaid teacher. They are free to educate me. But I’m not interested in those gossiping aunty. I’m living a very beautiful life and enjoying every bit of it “

Mahika has been one to gift India, porn star Danny D. The four controversial actresses gave a mutual statement which reads, “Independent India need to be free from trolls now.” Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15th August.