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In video: Pawan Kalyan fan beat a man on the road for criticising the star


Actor Pawan Kalyan is a big name in South Film industry and he is one of the top actors. A Twitter user named Etakaram was upset with Pawan Kalyan’s movie Agnyaathavaasi, uploaded a video hitting his poster with slipper and spitting on it on the road. Expressing his frustration, Etakaram says in the video, “Is it even a movie? My money has gone to water. Utter flop movie this is.”

But this action made Pawan Kalyan’s fan offended and they went one step ahead, they tracked the location of Etakaram who was in the video and they dragged him to the streets, thrashed and threatened him to not utter a word against their god Pawan Kalyan.

The entire episode was filmed and was uploaded to various social media platforms. A fan also issued a warning to people who speak against Pawan Kalyan. He said, “Anyone who slams anna will be facing a similar situation in future. Pawanism! Pawanism! Jai Pawanism!”

This is not the first time before this fans have attacked people before for slamming the star. A week after Katamarayudu’s release in March, 2017, two fans who were invited to a local Telugu channel to discuss the movie. After the shoot, they demanded to know from the anchor why he gave the film only three stars and went on to vandalise the set and manhandle the anchor. The episode was captured on camera.