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‘In the end, it’s all about business’, says Purab Kohli


Purab Kohli doesn’t mind playing a second fiddle to Sonakshi Sinha in their upcoming film. While talking to Nikita Wadhawan, the actor talks about his co-star, and his impending wedding after baby Inaya

After ending 2016 on a cheerful note with Rock On 2, Purab Kohli is all set to romance Sonakshi Sinha in their upcoming movie Noor, where he plays a Karachi-based war journalist Ayan Banerjee. The movie is also director Sunhil Sippy maiden venture. ‘Noor’ is the reel adaptation of Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz’ ‘Karachi, You’re Killing Me!’

Sonakshi as Noor
Even though Kohli has worked with a lot of strong female lead actress like Vidya Balan (Shaadi ke Side Effects) and Kangana Ranaut (Woh Lamhe), it will be his first time with Sonakshi in a film like Noor. Kohli admits he did not imagine Sonakshi as Noor but changed his mind when they started rehearsing. “I always thought that she is an amazing actress but I have mostly seen her in commercial films barring Lootera and Akira. I always thought she is a very gentle and soft person. So when I went to her house for a reading I saw her in her track pants on her couch with her glasses and I just thought she was Noor and now I can’t imagine anyone else. She is Noor and Noor is her!”

Second fiddle to the lead
Albeit ‘Noor’ is a female-centric movie, Kohli is not perturbed by the fact that not a lot of actors are comfortable working as the second lead “Every actor wants to do a movie that is centred around them, even I want to do such films, but in the end it is business so one has to wait for such opportunities. But you also want to be a part of interesting movies such as Noor with an interesting script and a passionate filmmaker like Sunhil Sippy. Also it was a plus to get a chance to romance Sonakshi and play Ayan who is a very sexy character,” exclaims Kohli.

Romance surrounded by women
It’s not just that the protagonist is played by a female actor, Noor’s many production departments are also headed by female bosses. It seemed like a daunting task for Kohli to both romance Sonakshi and be surrounded by many women. “Noor is a path breaking film because everywhere you look there was a woman, and it was overwhelming. When I started my career as an actor I always used to see actresses perform romantic scenes in front of so many men and they did it so effortlessly, but now the tables have turned. This time I was surrounded by women while romancing Sonakshi. Also, whenever I looked around the only man out there was Sunhil who would be throwing the biggest tantrums,” says Kohli.

First baby, then wedding
The actor, who became a daddy to little Inaya in 2015, broke the norms and stereotypes attached to having a child out of wedlock. Kohli came out and spoke publicly about having a daughter with his long time girlfriend Lucy, idyllic Kohli claims he did not want to steal Inaya’s thunder, “I never wanted to make a decision just because Inaya was coming, I didn’t want to steal her ‘thunder’, I didn’t want her to feel that we got married because she was coming, she is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I am excited that on our wedding day we will have Inaya pop us the rings,” he says.