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In pictures: Taimur burst out in tears and he looks so adorable


Taimur is the cutest baby in Bollywood and his photo proves that the adorable kid loves to be clicked but this time Taimur is not happy and he is crying, yes the little one is crying and the photo will melt your heart. A source close to the actress revealed to, “Kareena and Saif are doting parents and they always take up only those assignments that give them the opportunity to be with their little one. She is off to Delhi to shoot for Veere and taking Taimur along was always the plan. Saif will soon start with the promotions of his film Chef and therefore he will join them in Delhi for just a couple of days to before getting busy.”

Taimur is a fun loving child but this time what happened to him that he burst out into tears and started crying Kareena even tried pacifying him and make him smile but Taimur just refused to stop crying. We wonder if he was sleepy, hungry or just too scared to see so many photographers chasing him.


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Just a couple of hours back, daddy Saif Ali Khan too spoke about Taimur at the trailer launch of Chef saying, “I should take Taimur’s autograph if he is already a star. When I am working I like to do a 7 to 7 shift when I can. So when I come home I spend some time with Taimur.. Parents choose 9 to 9 shift and they dont get to see their children too often. My wife (Kareena) and I try and balance as much as we can. One of us is always there at home. It is the most important thing is life, balance according to

ما شاء الله

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يعمري الحلوين 💜💜 قلبي تيموري يبكي 😭😭😭💗

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حبيبي ماشاءالله 😻💛

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