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In pics: Akshay Kumar unveils trailer of Marathi movie ‘Chumbak’


Akshay Kumar at trailer launch of Chumbak . Photo by BL SONI

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is backing a Marathi film Chumbak. On Thursday the actor took to his twitter account to promote the film and shared the trailer of Chumbak. Chumbak is the first film to officially credit Akshay Kumar as its presenter. Sharing the trailer, Akshay wrote, “A film that moved me so much that for the first time ever I decided to lend my name to a film. So here it is, Akshay Kumar proudly presents, the #ChumbakTrailer! आशा आहे कि तुम्हा सर्वाना आवडेल.”

However the actor launched the trailer of Chumbak in Mumbai. Talking about the movie it is a comedy flick starring renowned lyricist and musician Swanand Kirkire . The film is directed by Sandeep Modi. Chumbak narrates a story of 15-year-old boy who meets a mental challenged man and is forced to reconcile his dreams with his morality.

Akshay Kumar at trailer launch of Chumbak. Photo by BL SONI

Akshay Kumar caught a screening of Chumbak in 2017 at the MAMI Mumbai film festival and was deeply affected by the film. Sharing a video on Twitter, Akshay had shared, “Few days ago, I saw a movie which has been etched in my mind. Since then I have been thinking about the characters and story of this film. I do not know what made this movie stick in my mind. But I have decided to present this movie, which I am sure everyone of you will like.”

Akshay Kumar at trailer launch of Chumbak . Photo by BL SONI