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“I’m not listening to anyone now!”


Healthy eating is on the anvil but so is vrooming on motorbikes – Mommy Singh please adjust! RANVEER SINGH reveals his 2016 game-plan to PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA.

“I love historicals, I would love to do more of them” – and our dishy Rao has given his verdict on period dramas. Looking back at 2015, the biggest thing for Ranveer would have to have been embracing the characteristics of Bajirao…

“You know, it is such a difficult process to get into such a distinct character as I had changed the way I was looking, took my hair off, changed my body completely. I used to take two hours to get ready. I had to change my voice and my accent as well. So there area lot of distinctive characteristics that I brought in to play Bajirao. In the morning after reaching set, I directly used to go to the make-up room and take two and a half hours to get ready with all the scars, eye make-up, earrings, angrakhas and layers over layers to wear…. Usually it has never taken me more than 30 minutes to get ready for any character! So a lot of processing went into it. I used to do all my exercises for my voice and body so I could completely get into character on set. One day after this long preparation, I walked onto set completely ready to do my scene, when an AD says, ‘Ranveer has stepped in, ready for the shot…’ I was like, ‘Arre! Mere saare kaam pe paani pher diya! Why are you reminding me that I am Ranveer when I have done all of this work to leave that behind and get into this distinctive characterisation? When I am feeling, reacting like the
character, at that point I don’t want to hear the name Ranveer as it will take me out of that mode!’ As bizarre as this request sounds out of context, it really helps that they call me Rao. I requested all the ADs to please not refer to me on the film set as Ranveer from that day.”

On a lighter note, now is the time to make a switch from the intensity of a love saga that is BAJIRAO MASTANI, to chilling in Paris in a breezy love affair that is BEFIKRE…

“Yes, you are absolutely right! It is a light-hearted romance and this is just what the doctor ordered. After a year of such intense work, I need a light and fun shooting experience. It doesn’t get better than BEFIKRE and it would be shot entirely in Paris. But we would only be able to start the shoot as soon as my hair grows back.” *Winks*
Has it sunk in that he would be the first actor to be directed by Aditya Chopra, who has only directed Shah Rukh Khan in all his films? “Shah Rukh Khan is a great actor and to be the only other actor that a great director selects, after having worked with one of the best, is a matter of great pride for me.”ranveer

Sweet words… Does he ever ponder over life and the many talents of poetry, writing, and love for music that he possesses?

“You know, one of my aims is to be an auteur. Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Charlie Chaplin are my heroes. What it means to be an auteur is that the whole creative vision is yours and the whole thing is your baby. That is where I want to graduate to at some point. I don’t have the courage right now as there is enough for me to do in Hindi films. I will do it – that is what I hopefully want to grow into someday. I used to be a percussionist in my childhood and played tabla for seven years. I used to play at the gurudwara every Sunday. I really enjoy all these things; I played the Kutti in my theatre and I was a terrible singer!”

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that today he is in a position where he is happy about the choices that he has made and will be making in the years to come? He thinks for a minute and replies, “You have to back your choices and hopefully with the rising popularity and a stronger commercial standing, that will perhaps empower me to make braver film choices, bring unconventional projects into the mainstream which is always something that I wanted to do.” That’s quite anagenda! Any resolutions he has chalked out for himself this new year?

“Drink more water everyday…Have a clean diet… Meditate… Become more flexible; I want to strengthen my core. I want to start riding motorcycles again. I used to be a rider but my mom had forbidden me from riding them but I am 30 years old now, so I am not listening to anyone now! (Laughs)”.