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I’m not a filmmaker, but a storyteller: Vikram Bhatt


Writer-director-producer Vikram Bhatt prefers to be called a storyteller rather than a filmmaker. Hence, the platform to tell his stories does not matter to him. Bhatt launched his app, VB On The Web recently.

Asked if the change in preference to consume content on phones and on digital platform instead of theatres has affected him personally, he said: “I am not a filmmaker, I am a storyteller. There is a difference. I have done television also and I have written a book too. I like to tell stories and this journey actually started on Facebook. I used to write a story a day and those stories became so popular that I started getting offers from a lot of production houses to make short films on them. That’s where my interest in the digital space grew.”

Bhatt, who made his debut in the web space with his first web series “Maaya” last year, feels that the digital space is a storyteller’s delight. “A storyteller needs a platform to tell a story, so it doesn’t matter to me if you watch it on a phone or a theatre. It doesn’t matter to me personally as long as I have a story to tell,” he said.