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Ileana DCruz stung by jitter bugs


Yes, we have all seen images of her holidaying with her photographer beau, but all that appears isn’t true. While Ileana Dcruz seems rather relaxed and happy in the images, sources claim that she is anything but relaxed at the moment.

If you think it is because the promotions of Rustom are soon to commence and then free time might appear like a myth to the actors, but apparently that’s only part of the truth. Yes, Rustom is what’s on Ileana’s mind and she is getting rather edgy about it. Given Ileana has done most two actress films and hasn’t really had much success since BARFI, she believes the waters she is in are rather choppy. To add salt to the wound, she is once again sharing screen space with another actress, namely Esha Gupta. Given Esha’s roles is more of an antagonist, Ileana one would say will be breathing easy but sources claim that’s not it at all.

Watch: Rustom’s Official Trailer

“Ileana has always been competitive by nature, even for the whole MAIN TERA HERO promotions and film, she kept wondering if Nargis was getting a better deal out of the film than her. such nervousness made her very cranky and sullen, as a result the producers didn’t like to approach her very often for small promotional gigs and Ileana once again lost out. This time around we can only hope that she doesn’t repeat the same mistakes over again. She is a wonderful actress and very beautiful, there can only be good things that can happen for her, and yet she gets stuff comparing herself to her costar. Out here in Rustom, Esha has a stronger role, that alone is enough to make Ileana uncomfortable. We really wish the girl would see herself for who she really is, than compare herself with others,” stated our source, rather stoically.