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“I want to have cuts!” says Kanika Kapoor


‘Baby doll…’ stunner Kanika Kapoor tells Viraj Sawant that in many cases depression has its roots in being fat.

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It’s not like we have seen you on the heavier side ever but you look absolutely stunning now. What have you been doing lately?
I’ve been doing yoga and I also workout in the gym. I’ve also been on a healthy diet lately. I am trying to go to another level in terms of fitness. I’ll be shooting for a lot of videos and a lot of new work will be showcased very soon for the audience. You’ll see a new Kanika Kapoor soon!

The yesteryear singers were never seen as fit as the singers today. Is staying in shape a need of this generation?
Indeed, it is a need. It depends on what you really want to be, whether a playback singer or a performing artiste or a pop star. You goal determines how you want to look in front of the audience. Our country has a huge market for pop stars. I am aiming at being one.

Had we not read about it we surely wouldn’t have known that you are a mother of three! Your body and fitness gives an impression of a talented young newcomer in the industry. Any tips that you would want to give to mothers and motivate them to stay fit?
For me, it all comes from how I feel about myself. My mind responds to the shape I am in. If I feel I am looking fat, I lose my self confidence. For all the mothers, I would say that half of depression comes from your fat. Some people are happy with it while others are not. You lose self confidence when you gain weight because you aren’t comfortable looking that way. For me, the moment I gain weight I just don’t feel good about it. So I rush to the gym and start with my diet.

What’s your prime motive behind working out? Tell us something about your routine.
Basically I gain my confidence by looking good. So I want to have cuts and I wish to get into a perfect shape so I work out. From your face to your shoulders, back, chest, abs and thighs, everything needs to be worked on. Anything out of proportion doesn’t look good.

Every morning I start with yoga.  Then I train in the gym three times a week, usually in the evening. To achieve the shape that I want, I have cut down on a lot of fatty food and sugar mainly.

Being a Punjabi, how do you refrain from indulging in amazingly tasty food?
Trust me, if I let myself go, I am like an elephant then! I live to eat. For me, it’s a very big deal if I am trying to cut down or stopping myself from eating obsessively.  I love everything when it comes to food. I know my goal is to look good on screen hence I stop myself. Though I hate it, I still have to.

What sort of a diet are you following these days?
I wake up to a glass of hot water with lemon. Then I have a two egg white omelette with a whole papaya. For lunch, I have very light green vegetables, one besanki roti and yoghurt. Sometimes I have brown rice. For snacks in the evening, I have biscuits with tea because I love tea and with that I have a nice fruit chaat or a fruit salad. Sometimes I have bhel. For dinner I have a bowl of soup and sometimes it is fish or chicken. But I make sure I eat by 7.30 pm and then no food at all.

Apart from the traditional gym workout what do you do to keep yourself fit?
I am a very active person generally. I am always doing some or the other physical activity all the time. I also run a lot. In London, I walk everywhere because I don’t own a car there. If it’s too far then I take a taxi but otherwise I walk everywhere. Otherwise it’s yoga that I do and yoga has really helped me a lot to keep myself fit.
To keep my workout interesting, I love blasting Punjabi or Bollywood music while working out.

If you are too lazy to work out how do you motivate yourself?
It’s really difficult for me. I have to tell myself that if I have to look like this then I have to go to the gym.

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People often complain about not finding time to work out in their busy schedule. How do you manage to take time out for workouts?
I remember a leading actor telling me that he comes back from shoot at night and then works out in the gym – but he makes it a point to do it. Where there is a will there is a way. You have to make time for your workout.