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“I take it with a pinch of salt and move on”, says Ssharad Malhotra


Ssharad MalhotraSsharad Malhotra

Born to act, success knocks his door recurrently. Luck discovered him on the way to his journey in small screen. Ssharad Malhotra of Colors’ popular Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki speaks exclusively with The Free Press Journal about his journey towards fame, controversies, his show and more…

Since you had been linked up with many actors in the past, being yourself a popular actor had such link up stories ever affect you in personal or professional life?

 It is just a part and parcel of the job. I have just done three shows and by the grace of God all have been a major hit. Talking about link ups or getting into relationships or having flings or having an affair is a part and parcel of life. You tend to meet people and when you just start a conversation, you just happen to get along with the person really well.

People have known that I was into a relationship for 8 years and fortunately or unfortunately it didn’t work out then it is fine. We all go through this in our daily life but having said that it never affected my professional life because I have always been taking it as a part of profession. In personal life, it’s been kind of a roller coaster ride and there had been highs and lows.

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Can controversy make or break an actor?

Well, at times if it’s in your favour then it might just work for you or if it’s against you then it’s obviously against you. Now days, any publicity is a good publicity. Obviously you will have to draw a line somewhere. One cannot stoop down and people just can’t write anything about you even if it’s not right. To an extent if it’s making sense then I think it’s good enough. A person is known and people probably like a person for reasons like their work, personality or whatever.

Obviously if a person is a known guy then people would obviously want to know more about the person, their personal life, what do they eat, when do they eat, whom they meet, when they shit, when they piss and everything. I am sorry to use such language but that’s how people want to know. They want to know everything about the person behind the camera. If there are link ups and if they are talking about a person in a good way or a bad way then it’s completely their take on it.

One cannot shut everyone’s mouth. In the beginning, when I entered in the industry people spoke a lot things about me like it’s his third show that made a hit, it’s gone through his head, he’s won the best actor award, he’s just throwing his wait around etc. but honestly, people are going to talk about either good or bad about you and one cannot expect that people are going to talk good about you. So it’s ok and I take it with a pinch of salt and move on.

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The content of your show or any other Indian daily soap is improbable; do you think that such kind of content tends to mislead the audience to make believe in things that don’t exist?

If you are watching a daily soap then it’s fiction. If you want to watch a true story then you will have content or a show that is based on true stories. If you are watching a daily soap then obviously it’s fictional but its there for the entertainment value and people love it. Somewhere there are some sections of the people of the country just lapping it up because who doesn’t want to watch people falling in love, romancing each other or reincarnation. But obviously it’s the way it is projected which matters a lot.

As an actor what I am doing is making sense to me then I’ll go ahead. If it is making sense to me as an actor then it will make sense to you as a viewer also. If it’s fictional then you’ll have to lap it up because one can’t have completely 100 % truth that is related. It’s a masala, it’s got a lot of entertainment value and has spice to it and that’s how what people enjoy. It’s for fun and for entertainment value.

If you want to watch something that is eye opening or enlightening then please watch a nice religious channel but if you want to watch a daily soap then one has to be ready for it. It will not make sense all the time. 90% it would make sense and 10% we take the liberty, so it’s fine. Right now my show is number one on the chart and if it’s good with the TRP’s then it just implies that people probably love it. If the viewers love it and if they are getting convinced then who cares.

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What do you do when not shooting?

I love to sleep and relax at home. I probably home body. I like to spend a lot of time at home. I like to call friends to come over or sit in my balcony or enjoy a cup of tea, read a book or watch a film. Honestly, when I am on a vacation I love to go trekking.

Was acting luck by chance to you?

Yes you could say that. I always have been loving sports. Right from school days I was loving the cricket, snooker, swimming or soccer. I always been a outdo guy. Acting happen during talent hunt Zee Cine Stars Ki Khoj in 2004 which was apparently the biggest talent hunt ever happened. I won that supposedly from the eastern zone of India and I had no formal training into acting or dance. It was all for fun by just going and trying my hand out.

Practically, I won the contest. The rest is history. I gave a lot of auditions and when I got my first show Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan that’s where I realized I have something called acting bug which has bitten me. I was completely immersed into acting. There was no looking back. I just consumed me. In my first show I played about two three different characters and they were like an instant hit with viewers.

It actually took sometime for me to grow as an actor. Today also I get to know few things about acting but the initial bug which bit me in 2006 was so contagious that it completely blew my mind and since that day I knew that if I have to do something in life then it was acting. But coming back to your question then it was completely by chance.

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What was your biggest fan moment?

When I came to Bombay I was completely smitten by the man called Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. When Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaynge came up, I watched 200 times because I was completely blown away by this man with his personality and he was so enduring as Raj Malhotra that if I go to Bombay ever then I’ll go and meet this man.

I remember meeting him for the first time in 2007 and there were tears in my eyes. I remember in 2007 my show was doing really well, so suddenly getting all the attention from the audience and the fans, I was myself in this total daze kind of phase but the moment I saw Mr Shah Rukh Khan I myself went through daze that I can’t tell you. It was completely one of the biggest fan moments for me. It was a very Yash Raj moment at least for me.