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“I look at myself and I believe I am far better off than so many”



Despite the accolades we haven’t seen much of you?

A very difficult question with a very easy answer. Like you said accolades, I agree that wherever I go and meet people they all laud my acting calibre and prowess and I am always thankful for my teachers who constituted the actor out of me and I agree I hear that a lot that why I am languishing at the back despite some decent performances, and I would say that it’s not in my hand, I just do my work right and move on and the rest is all to the almighty. I can’t change much about it and I always look at people who could not come this far, and I look at myself and I believe I am far better off than so many and that should make me happier than not being happy considering I should be somewhere else, I am very comfortable at where i am and if i rise i would not mind it. I never had a PR and my friends keep telling me to hire one.

Doing a film with the likes of Irrfan Khan, Aishwarya Rai… How was it?

A magic unfolds when everyday you report to an office called Sanjay Gupta film where your fellow employees are like Aishwarya, Shabana, Irrfan and Jackie. What would you do? I would say ‘hey not bad’ after all domestic fights and rude comments and behaviour from many while I was trying to grow and needed some help. I am having a ball.

And most of all being the bad man…How did you go about working on this character?

To be honest I just blindly followed notes and directions from Kamlesh Pandey and Robin Bhatt the writers and Sanjay Gupta the director. They just gave me leads and notes and I did exactly what I was told to do. Secondly, actors like Aishwarya and Shabana and the interactions with them and sheer exchange of ideas and rehearsals helped me a lot.

It’s been a while since KAMINEY has your career been the way you had wanted it to go? What would you have done differently?

Well ideally my career has not been the way the way I wanted it to be. But like I said earlier everything happens for a reason and I am glad that I came this far, no complaints. I can keep my parents well, I have a decent lifestyle, I travel, I have a loving partner, my friends are always there to give me right opinion and I will have to arrive when my time comes, till then it’s a ride. Sometime bumpy and sometime not. Also just to add, I believe I will get there where I have to sooner or later, it’s a better of time.

Future projects?

I am doing a romantic satire set in Allahabad where I play a funny politician who is madly in love. Then I am doing a film with Buddhadeb Das Gupta called Tope set in Purulia, Bengal where I play a postman.

What is the one challenge that you look forward to as an actor?

One challenge I always look forward to is to trace the journey and reach the destination and the audience has the last laugh and say. Everything about a role is a challenge, once you have picked I up you have to carry it with pride and honesty and truth of the moment to the finishing line and that’s when a role will work.

Sanjay Gupta is known for very sleek commercial cinema, how was it working with him?

Sanjay Gupta is a maverick director, a ballistic techno man, he loves life. He is so easy on the set and knows what he wants from anybody on the set and that is something to learn about. It makes everyone work even more fluently and easily and take out the best, I think he has presented me very well in this film people will be surprised to see me in a new avatar and might just tickle the audience.