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I like criticism more than appreciation: Patralekha


Criticism does not get her hot under the collar. Instead, it is copious praise she fears, Patralekha tells Viraj Sawant.

Her plunge from village girl in CITYLIGHTS to flirty seductress in LOVE GAMES, shocked everyone. Ask about her transformation and she says, “I don’t really know about the transformation in my character but my actual transformation was in CITYLIGHTS. When people saw me in CITYLIGHTS, people took me to be the character that I was. I come from Shillong which is known for its matriarchal society. Shillong also has a huge western influence and is also called the Rock capital of India. Of course it was my first film and the audience didn’t know who I was, so they thought I was just like the girl form CITYLIGHTS.”

Two characters, poles apart… was it a tough task?

“It was tough for the audience to accept the way I transformed in LOVE GAMES. Honestly, I didn’t find it too tough to change into the city girl avatar in terms of my looks and wearing a western outfit. When an actor does a film, it’s very different from what they really are. They are just playing the character. It’s more about your physical appearance and your psychological thinking process. With Ramona, the character I played in LOVE GAMES, she is absolutely different from what I am. She is very boisterous and is capable of doing outrageous things.”

For her role as Ramona, Patralekha had to smoke and drink for a few scenes. Not just that, she had to also snort cocaine (read: glucose powder).

Did this strong character leave an impact on her?

“Everything said and done, I feel really triumphant as a person. Yes, she did leave a huge impact on me. I am not the very confident types. I have always been a little under confident and introverted. I don’t socialise much nor do I attend many parties. Playing Ramona gave me so much confidence. I can now walk up to anybody and start a conversation,” she explains.

Though she received praises for her performance in her first film, CITYLIGHTS, LOVE GAMES drew mixed reviews for her performance. How does she take appreciation and criticism at this stage?

“I am not very fond of appreciation as it gives you wings. You become delusional. I like it when people criticise instead. It reminds me of the fact that I am supposed to work harder and not sit back.”