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I leave my persona behind while playing a role: Rani Mukerji


To be more relatable to the audience, Rani Mukerji tries to strike an emotional connect with her on screen character

Rani Mukerji has always had a strong connect with the audiences and the actor believes people find her relatable because she never brings her real-life persona on screen.

In her new film “Hichki”, which is her first after the birth of her daughter Adira, Rani plays the role of a woman who does not let her speech disability come in the way of achieving her dream of becoming a teacher. “Whenever I play a character in a film, I try to remove Rani Mukerji and emotionally connect with the part. If a person sitting in a cinema hall can forget who you really are and believes you are the character, that’s the real victory for an actor,” Rani said. “I want people to forget that they are watching a Rani Mukerji film and get invested in the character,” she added.

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The actor said she has always been attracted to complex roles and this was one of the main reasons to accept “Hichki”. In the film, Rani plays a woman with Tourette syndrome, a condition that forces an individual to make involuntary repetitive movements or sounds.

Rani is not new to playing challenging roles. She played a deaf and blind woman in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Black”. The actor said one has to be careful with such roles as there is always a probability to look like a caricature.  “It is with all my films. I take special care because it may become a caricature. There is always a thin line. I have been taking feedback on this film from day one. After every shot, I ensured that if I do the tick, it should appear natural. I would constantly check with Siddharth (director). It was important to look authentic.”

The movie also highlights the topic of literacy and Rani said the right to education cannot be gender specific.