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I exercise to feel good: Anil Kapoor 


Indian Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor arrives for the book launch of 'The Great India Diet' by Bollywood's Shilpa Shetty in Mumbai on November 19, 2015. AFP PHOTO

Actor Anil Kapoor loves his butter chicken, but the next day he ensures he works out with greater intensity. The actor, who is nearing 60, says that he has never felt as physically fit as he feels now.

“Mentally and physically I feel better. We owe it to our bodies. When you work-out on a regular basis, you enjoy food better; relationships better and perform better in your job,” he says.

The actor adds that exercising, which has become an integral part of his life over the years, makes him feel good. “For me, the feel is very important,” he says.

The actor, who introduced Indian audiences to action-drama series 24, is excited for its forthcoming second season. “Obviously story, screenplay, new star cast and the scale is bigger. Action is bigger,” adds Kapoor when asked as to what the audience can expect from the new season.

The show is entirely shot in Mumbai and unlike the previous reports, the show won’t star Tabu. Kapoor is excited as he is also bringing an Indian version of American comedy-series ‘Modern Family’ to India. “I am trying to bring the best content to India television through my shows,” he says.

Talking about Priyanka Chopra’s foray into American television show ‘Quantico’, the actor says that he is really proud of her achievements. “I am very happy as I feel it’s just the beginning. This exchange of actors will only increase with more films and TV shows,” he adds.

Audiences loved Anil Kapoor in films like ‘Ram Lakhan’ and ‘Woh 7 Din’. When asked if we can see the remake of these films anytime soon, he replies, “I can’t say much regarding remakes right now. I will be happy if others make it.”

The actor, who is known as a family man, feels being a father is the most challenging role that he essays in real life. Well the answer may lie in his autobiography, which he refused to either confirm or deny. “Who knows about future, anything can happen,” he sums it up.

Looks like, the actor is all set to defy his age with his love for fitness and the notion to live in present.