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“I don’t think that a relationship is made in heaven”, says Namik Paul


His debonair personality and exemplary performance has made him not just an actor but also a perfect entertainer. Success walks with him as he walks in the small screen. Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste fame Namik Paul speaks exclusively with The Free Press Journal about the show, his success and more…

As most of the Indian daily soaps are based on romantic genres, how different is Ek Duje Ke Vaaste from the rest?

I think the difference is that we don’t do too much melodrama. Even if you look at the arguments and the characters, there are no conventional conditions like an addition of a vamp or a negative character to create drama. If you look at the characters and understand as to why they act the way they act, one will realise that it makes sense. Everybody falls in love and a lot of things are similar in terms of some love stories those are common in television or Bollywood or Hollywood. I think, we are keeping our show relatable and realistic, as well, we try to avoid unnecessary drama and in addition to that, every character in the show has a reason to exist.

With regards to the context of the show, do you really believe in the phenomenon that soul mates are made in heaven?

I don’t think it’s made in heaven. I think that it takes a lot of work. I do think that the connection between two individuals sometimes happens instantly. But if an individual tries to force it with someone then it doesn’t work out. I can understand the feeling of connection between individuals, but I don’t think that a relationship is made in heaven because once you are in a relationship it takes a lot of work to preserve it and it’s a part of the process.

You took off your career with an assortment of popular shows, do you think that you were lucky to have such great launch or break in your career or is it your talent that made you successful?

It’s both, honestly, I am lucky, especially with Ek Duje Ke Vaaste because I heard the story and something just clicked me in a way which made me feel that this is something that I would like to do. In any job, especially in this industry, there might be something that may be perfect for us but some are unable to reach us or we may not make it to the audition, so luck plays a huge role in such things and one cannot deny that. Honestly speaking, there was a period when I did nothing to pursue a career. The attitude – ‘career will happen when it has to happen’ never worked. As soon as I started working towards it i.e. taking acting classes, dancing classes or going to more and more auditions, things started to click. I think it’s a combination of things and it doesn’t work in isolation. I will not deny at all that I have been very lucky and I am very grateful for that.

Where do you see yourself as an actor in few years down the line?

My aim is to improve as much as I can. I have just started and there is a lot of scope for improvement. Obviously, doing movies and doing good work are a part of my goals. I have done stuff which I wasn’t happy doing and that sucks. I don’t want to go back to that. I don’t want to just be doing something only for the sake of money. My point is that I should enjoy whatever I am doing and it should help me in what I am trying to do which just improves me as an actor.

Being a favourite of fans, how do you reciprocate their affection?

I am really glad that people like my show. It’s always great to hear that people always like my work. When I work hard I want precision, not just for myself but for everyone. I think people like all the characters as they are discovering the motivation, so everybody is feeling the appreciation and that’s the best part. I live in Bandra and I see how people react to Salman Khan by standing before his house or for that matter, their reaction towards Shah Rukh Khan and that’s sane. It’s really nice to receive compliments and I am really enjoying it.

Any message to your fans?

Thank you very much for your support. We really appreciate and please keep watching our show, as there are very good things coming on the way. Tell your friends to watch the show and recommend your acquaintances and friends about the show as much as you can.

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