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“I can’t sing”, says Karan Johar


If people aren’t making films, they are making digital series or transforming every bad script into a digital show, says ace filmmaker karan johar. Rohit pramar reprots.

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Filmmaker Karan Johar might be busy shooting for his talk show Koffee with Karan but he plans to return to films soon. The 44-year-old director, who has judged television shows like Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa and India’s Got Talent, will now be seen as a judge on Star Plus’ new singing reality show Dil Hai Hindustani. He talks about the show, music, films, and more.

A new territory
This is the first singing reality show I’m judging but I’ve have no knowledge about singing. I do understand Hindustani classical music. I also have a very good understanding of film music. So even though I don’t know the technicalities, I will be looking for the X factor and leave the rest to other judges. I have seen all the participants from the show and it is filled with incredible music talent. My mind was blown when I saw that contestants from countries like Ukraine and Germany were influenced by Indian music.

Motive of the show
I recently came across a video on YouTube where a group of people from China were singing a song from Kal Ho Na Ho in the conference hall. It was so moving because they don’t know our language nor they understand Hindi music but still they could sing so well. This is the motive of this show. I’m really glad that Star Plus with came up with a show like this.

Finding viral sensations
When I was offered this show, I thought it would be like another singing with same gimmicks. But my mind was blown when I watched the performances. Some of the contestants from the show are already a viral sensation on the internet. Like there is Acoustic Singh, he was sitting in his terrace and singing Chana Meraya. He sang it in the most fantastic way. I was very impressed. So there are many contestants like him who have achieved a certain level of fame.

Singing ambitions
Whenever I used to judge a dancing show, I always used to ask the prolific choreographer on the show if the performance was good and if the moves were okay. But when I listen to music, I have a fair understand if someone can sing well or not. There are many professional singers who sing as bad as I do but there is software called Autotune. It levels the voice in the song and rectifies it. So I asked Shekhar that I sing so bad, please let me try it. So we will do it soon (laughs).

Turning bad scripts into web series
Currently, I’ve no plans of venturing into the digital content. I don’t want to be an early bird.  What’s happening these days is that if people aren’t making films, they are making digital series or transforming every bad script into a digital show.  They shouldn’t do it. Digital is a powerful platform and it should be used wisely.

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Embarrassing moments
I’ve become a television personality now. Films are seeming to be an incidental part of my personality. People ask me more about talent and talk show than they ask me about my films. It’s very embarrassing that I have to tell people I direct and produce films as well.

Favourite singers
I like all the songs of Mohammed Rafi.  I also like Kishore da and Ashaji.  But my most favourite song is Lag Ja Gaale by Lataji. Whenever I listen to the song, something happens to me. It’s my go-to song.