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‘I am a Delhi boy at heart’, says Dhruv Bali


Critically acclaimed for his work in Hollywood’s popular crime series ‘Criminal Mind’ Dhruv Bali opens up with Jaideep Pandey on his silver screen experience, upcoming plans and more…

Actor Dhruv Bali, who made his Bollywood debut with Vijit Sharma’s ‘Mirror Game’ playing the pivotal antagonist named Ronnie Bhanot, brings with him a diverse experience of Hollywood to B-Town. He considers himself a Delhi boy at heart and feels that his tryst with Bollywood was somewhat destined. He finds romantic roles very acceptable, provided only there be some challenge to it. Excerpts from the interview:

How did ‘Mirror Game’ happen for you?

I had done this play and had it on YouTube. My director Vijit chanced on this play and after watching me in the play he reached out to me. He was convinced after watching the play that I had to be Ronnie in the film. He finalized everything without even asking me to audition for it. That’s how my journey in Bollywood began.

How is it to play a negative role in your first film in Bollywood?

Like I said earlier I did not choose the Bollywood debut, the role chose me. I did not even think whether it’s black grey or white. The character I play had so many layers and shades so I just decided to dive straight into it.

How was it to work with Pravin Dabas and Pooja Batra?

It was a pleasure working with such brilliant and established names. Working with them was so much fun. I was made comfortable from day one. My director had this film in his head and new exactly what he wanted. We were professional in front of the camera and chilled out off it. We had lots of fun shooting with them.

Tell us something about your exposure in working in Hollywood?

I recently had a co-star role in the hit American TV show ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ in which worked with the famous Hollywood actor Gary Sinise. I have worked with famous artists like singer songwriter Zayn Malik and Miley Cyrus.  Have done various commercials for Samsung, Cisco, Kingfisher, Comcast, and Experian etc apart from various short films and web-series like ‘Black, White & Violet’, ‘Void’ and German series ‘Private Detective’ and Sobe role to name a few.

What are your plans about Bollywood?

I am currently in Mumbai and intend to spend some time here. We have few friends in the industry and would definitely like to meet some right people.  Now that I have begun my career in Bollywood, I would want to do some work here. I will spend equal time here and in Hollywood. I certainly will want to do some romantic roles too.

Bollywood artists try their luck in Hollywood, how come you have chosen the other way round?

I am a Delhi boy at heart, born and brought up here so have grown up with dose of Bollywood. Have done work in Hollywood but Bollywood happened and will want to be part of both. Coming here was destiny so will try and make best of it.

Dhruv Bali has looks of romantic hero, what’s your take on it?

I am not averse to the idea of romantic hero, but I will want to do all kinds of films as long as there is a challenge in it. I would like to explore various genres with varied directors. Bollywood today is open to all kinds of good content I just want to a small part of it.