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Huma Qureshi: The ‘other woman’?


Indian Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi attends the '61st Filmfare Awards 2016' ceremony in Mumbai on January 15, 2016. AFP PHOTO

There was Huma Qureshi looking resplendent in a black, white and silver ensemble from Shane & Falguni Peacock at the launch of The Summer Bride 2016 collection. She was a picture of confidence at the luxurious champagne brunch, looking unfazed by the whispers and curious looks that came her way…

For Huma is at the centre of a controversy involving Sohail Khan and wife Seema, who are supposedly on the brink of a split over Sohail’s alleged fascination with Huma! Even though Sohail has denied the same and Huma even went ahead and dubbed Sohail “like an elder brother” the rumours continue to persist. In fact, Seema Khan, not one to put up with any nonsense, has apparently told her wayward husband to shape up or ship out.

The latter might not be a viable option as divorce is worse than a four-letter word in the Khan khandaan – apparently father Salim Khan will not allow it to besmirch his family name. As the couple sorts their issues out, Huma is clearly in no mood to hide under cover. Innocent or brazen – which one’s your guess!?