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Huma Qureshi has lost it!



She has been the buxom beauty of Bollywood since the time she stepped into the world of cinema. She has always been asked questions about her weight and such. But all that is the thing of the past, one look at the girl today and probably you won’t even recognize her.

That’s the fact that Huma is looking a lot more toned and definitely a few kilos lesser since the last time we saw her. Given the only time she has been in news off late is her association with the Khan household, it does seem like the little time out has given her a lot more time in the gym.

“She is one person who has a personality that totally over powers anything you might have to say about her waist-line. It is as simple as that, she has never been someone who is known to have a fantastic figure but looks like with all her talent, she has managed to get people to notice her figure too. The girl who used to be a buxom babe, she how slimmer by several inches! She will certainly be seen in a lot more films now, after the way she is looking now!” quipped a workout buddy of the actress.

Now all we are itching to know is how much the fitness savvy Khan-daan has helped in getting this girl into the gym!